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About Beto Paredes

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Jack and Beto Paredes came together through the power of revelation as they were both destined to work together launching the project.

Beto is a Joint Venture Partner and founder with Jack on his life changing new system He specializes in Jack’s “Success Attitude Formula”, and how to use your biological control center (heart/brain) to achieve at maximum levels.

He knows Jack’s formula for life success intimately. As an extremely successful business owner, software architect, sales management expert, performance trainer and energy medicine practitioner he knows Jacks system works. His infusion of proven modern-day science behind the concepts used in the is extremely valuable. He brings the actual and irrefutable science of success to The DNA of Success.

High-Performance Training, Body Work and
Energy Medicine.

Beto Paredes has dedicated thousands of hours to developing and practicing science based programs in high performance using a strong and balanced bio-electromagnetic field.

Beto’s vast knowledge in human energetics and epigenetics are second to none when it comes to the high-performance principles of personal development. His skills and knowledge in psychology, consciousness research, quantum biology has created several impressive breakthroughs. He created a one of a kind concept he calls “The Photonic Method” which is a cross modality between energy health and a person’s performance. He has taught this concept to many large organizations.

Now he has joined forces with Jack bringing his scientific research and proven discoveries to Jack’s DNA of Success system. He says it’s a methodology that fits his model for achievement so well that he had a eureka moment…. “Jack’s system, especially his “Success Attitude Formula” really DOES create the mental and emotional state you need to be in to succeed!”

Beto Paredes joined the DNA of Success and DNA Master Course team in 2016 as the Executive Director

Beto's impressive background is very diverse. Many of his projects have seen revenues in the millions. His experience includes international sales, award winning branding, sales organization management, business management, web development and core software engineering. He continues to launch successful companies and platforms to this day. He expects his partnership with Jack Zufelt to be one of the best he has ever done.


Beto’s accomplishments include:

Beto builds major software platforms and launches companies managing all operations, usually owning a large percentage or is the majority owner. He has successfully secured funding, developed all the operating channels and launched some of these companies. An example of one is Auto Search Technologies, Inc. a software business in the Automotive space currently with over 2,000 dealer clients.

Here are a few of his impressive clients:

For a full view into the Entrepreneurship and Business background of Beto Paredes please visit his website

UCMT University Training

Many of the techniques that Beto brings to the Mastery programs have had their foundation from before he became a successful internet engineer and entrepreneur. His earliest experience with energy medicine he gained from UCMT. They were one of the top 5 schools in the world at the time for Body Work.

Body Work Training (Practiced 6 years after school independent)

Energy Medicine Training (still practice energy work and Shiatsu in private practice)

Independent Study

Beto is a productive and very engaged father, husband, entrepreneur, trainer and of course motivator. And there is an interesting side to him. For years he has dedicated 13.5 hours a week to the research and study of a vast number of subjects. Below the ones that have helped shape his views and understanding of success the most.

  • Study of psychology and research with emphasis on Jung and Assolsoli through their work in depth and transpersonal psychology.
  • Post-graduation he continued to go much deeper into energy medicine, field electromagnetics, quantum biology, and consciousness research of at least 20 fully published works and over 300 independent studies.
  • Personal development, sales training and business management study and seminar attendance. Beto learned from well-known trainers on success principles starting of course with Jack Zufelt. Others included Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, John Maxwell, Zig Ziglar, Stephen Covey and dozens of others. He spent hundreds of hours in study and research.
  • He did intense study into performance physiology as seen in quantum biology. Especially, within the biology is consciousness systems developed by the stem cell biologists Bruce Lipton and Robert Lanza. (Over 10 fully published works researched and dozens of published studies.


Beto has also appeared several times as a guest speaker at major conferences in the Automotive, MLM, Affiliate Marketing, Sales Management and Software Engineering space. These include IT Summit, Affiliate Convention, several state IADA’s and the Ad-Tech OfferVault Leadership Conference.

For a full view into the Entrepreneurship and Business background of Beto Paredes please visit his website .


"I come from a very hardworking entrepreneurial background. When my father was in his late twenties he moved from Chile to the United States. He spoke no English so every day was tough. Through dedication and hard work he learned English and opened up an electronic repair business. It flourished and he was eventually had multiple locations. He also started a school teaching electronics. Early on I incorporated the tech industry into my life which was a natural evolution from my father’s line of work.

Now I am a father and have two amazing sons and three lovely daughters. I am married to the woman of my dreams who is also my business partner. I love them all dearly and they are a daily inspiration for everything I do."

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